Pressen sier om Bruvoll/Halvorsen, Nattsang

Way back in 1886 one Sondre Norheim from Morgedal invented skiing in Telemark style. Long being neglected, the Telemark is regaining popularity, and such is the the folklore, culture and music of the equally named area in southern Norway. One of it's figureheads is the duo Bruvoll & Halvorsen (-> FW#26). Jon Anders Halvorsen is a young traditional singer who specialises in songs from his native area. Some of them Jon Anders has learned directly from older singers, others have been collected in the 19th and 20th centuries, partly even medieval ballads. Jon Anders was awarded the prize for best vocal performer at the 2002 Landskappleiken, Norway's most important competition for folk music, and his performance has been dubbed magical overtones from Norway somewhere. These songs with their haunting and frequently melancholical tunes sometimes remind me of Irish airs, but the connection between Scandinavia and the British Islands has been demonstrated before, e.g. in the "Skippar Valivan" song (-> FW#21). The lyrics are printed in the CD booklet and explained in English for all those that aren't able to understand the Norwegian language. But you don't have to understand it at all, just listen by heart. Tore Bruvoll's warm and restrained guitar backing is at the same time true to the traditional singing style and brings Jon Anders' performance into the modern era. The raw and simple energy of vocals and guitar is spiced up with trumpet, viola and percussion at times. Personally I feel it wouldn't have been necessary. Live in concert you get only vocals and guitar, and that's even better. But - with or without - it's an important record, and it's magic.



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